Vote for Cybertonica’s Co-Founder and CEO to become a co-author of The AI Book

Cybertonica’s Co-Founder and CEO Joshua Bower-Saul wrote an abstract on user entity behaviour analysis and AI for The AI Book. Launched by Wiley and FINTECH Circle, The AI Book is a crowdsourced book focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence on finance. Bower-Saul’s abstract aims to present how using risk data and AI to leverage behaviour can provide added value to disabled users in their daily lives.

You can log into and review Bower-Saul’s submission, User Entity Behaviour Analysis and AI applied to enabling disability challenged users, and vote for him to become a co-author of The AI Book.

Joshua Bower-Saul leads Cybertonica and with Sergey Velts built the team’s revolutionary Transaction Risk and Authentication business since 2016. A graduate of Harvard (MA) and INSEAD (MBA), he has led 9 startup teams and raised funding for a dozen others as well as advised on tech investment for funds and private investors. Joshua has worked in innovation and with start-ups through 20 years experience in new tech and digital. He co-launched Europe’s first corporate streaming service and first crowd-funded music production business. Joshua has mentored and advised Europe’s leading accelerators as well as at Berkeley’s Skydeck and is a sought-after speaker and moderator in FinTech, AI and other disciplines.


About Cybertonica

Cybertonica uses ML and AI to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and growing frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally. Cybertonica’s service increases conversion and sales by up to 25% while managing card-not-present and other categories of fraud at world-class compliant standards. Cybertonica has won numerous distinctions and awards since its product came to market, including the Best Use of Payments Data Award at Emerging Payments Awards 2018 and Best Data Analytics & Science Award at Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2018 Awards. Cybertonica also became one of the two peer-selected winners of FinTech Europe 2018 Program, received the Best New Back Office Innovation Award at the Emerging Payments Awards 2017, selected as one of the European FinTech 100 companies, and identified among the 2017 top cybersecurity AI companies by CB Insights. To learn more, please visit

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